Saturday, November 1, 2008

October 2008 Summary

I really like writing these end of the month posts because it reminds me of everything that's happened! I tend to just go through the motions and forget everything we do.

Ran my second 5K in 32:30 with Merikate and Shawna.

Attended a baby shower for my step-sister Jessica.

Went to a surprise party for Anne.

Proceeded to stop running 'cuz I'm lazy.

Got a free oil change because Jiffy Lube's computers were down :) Sweet!

Started practices for The Nutcracker.

Went to the Gary's Berries corn maze with Mellissa, Chris, Brittany, Thomas, Bethany and Will.

Kendra stayed with us for a few days.

Visited Amanda!

Had the girls over for birthday get together.

Went to the surprise party for Rachel E.

Carved pumpkins with Chris, Thomas, Brian & Rachelle.

Finished playing volleyball - man that flew by and I can't wait to play in the winter league starting November 10th!

Helped my new sister-in-law figure out cake stuff for her wedding!

Went to a barn dance with Jere, Dave and Rachel! It was soo much fun :)

Worked on organizing my jewelery.

Caught up on uploading all the pictures we have...

Spray painted our old night stands and head board that Jessie gave us.

My step-sister Jessica had her baby, Ferris Montgomery on October 27th.

Got new windows installed in our house!

Celebrated Mom's birthday by eating at Hu Hot!

I feel like I'm missing 1 or 20 other things...


lanes said...

I love these end of the month summary posts! I always get excited about the first day of the month, too. I might just have to steal this idea. ;)