Thursday, August 7, 2008

6/15/08 Sunday ~ Travel Journal


We're headed to the beach today.  It's going to be a full day of nothing.  It's Sunday so we're resting.

Today was SOOO nice.  We got to the waterfront and went to one of the private beaches.  We paid 26EU for two aluminum chairs and an umbrella.  The water was too cold to swim but we waded a little.  We basically just slept and hung out for five hours.  When we got back to camp we did laundry.  Now we're sitting at the picnic table by our tent eating stuff we bought at the store this morning.  Some new campers arrived and directly next to our tent are four boys from Spain.  It's so weird listening to them talk.  At times I pick out words that sound like it could be English and it makes me laugh because nothing makes sense.  The Spaniards are cooking dinner on the picnic table and they set out a gas lantern.  We're just hanging out for the night.

Overall our day was awesome, So relaxing!

We're at "The Pub" and we saw John so we're sitting at a table watching the soccer game and chatting with people.  We met Eddy & Chris from England and Meegan & Sarah from Australia.

You know you want my outfit...up and coming to your nearest Target.