Monday, August 4, 2008

6/12/08 Thursday ~ Travel Journal


Rome, Italy

We're on a train to Rome. I don't know how long we'll stay there but Jere says it has sandy beaches (the camping we'll stay at) I'm excited to see this city I think we may try to send some stuff home and possibly buy a camera? I'm almost wondering if we should just not buy a camera and finish our trip without one. That makes me sad. On the train from Vernazza to Pisa (where we switched trains) I slept. I feel sorry for anyone who had to look at me...I know my mouth was wide open. A ghastly sight for sure.

This train ride feels SO long! Maybe it's because Jere oesn't want to play cards.

After leaving the train we took the metro train to the Christofero Colombo station. (45 min train ride) Once at the station it took us a little bit to figure out where the shuttle would pick us up. We saw some other kids with packs and asked around. Finally we went to the spot where three girls were already waiting. They seemed to know the drill. After checking in, our reception person - Diego took us in a golf cart to the area we could set up. On the way, we saw a large house/castle and a dog run (seems for hunting) I asked Diego about it and he said that a prince lives there. Prince Fasano. I thought he was making it up but he insisted it was true. The prince is the descendant of the Royalty of Rome or something. Anyways we settled in, put up our tent and went to eat dinner. Now, Jere is playing solitaire and watching the soccer game. I am waiting for the internet.

Getting on the internet is SO nice! I was just on for two hours!