Saturday, August 30, 2008

6/18/08 Wednesday ~ Travel Journal

I haven't done a post from our travel journal in a while! We still have over a week and a half left!

Venice, Italy

8:49 am
We're on the train to Venice! Tonight we'll sleep on a night train headed to Budapest, Hungary. We're very excited :) This morning we woke up at 6:30am but I was seriously awake about every hour through the night making sure we wouldn't miss our train @ 8:30am.

We're in Venice and just finished eating lunch. It's everything we thought it would be. From small alleyways to canals and bridges. For lunch, we had a starter plate of cheese followed by lasagna for Jere and pizza for me. (the pizza consisted of olives, cheese, tomatoes, peppers and salami) We bought water taxi passes so we can explore the whole town.

We spent a couple of hours shopping on and around the Rialto bridge. I saw a very nice bracelet in a window so we went in and bought it. A lot of the shops on and around the bridge sell Murano Glass including vases, sculptures, figurines, jewelery, trinkets and many other things I'm sure. Jere read in the "Let's Go" book about a woman who has been making leather bound journals for over 30 years here. We went to the shop and looked around and he ended up getting a grayish green leather bound large journal with regular paper. It is SO nice! It cost 65 EURO and was well worth it. We stopped into another jewelery shop and I picked out a square glass ring with an adjustable band. It's a white silvery hue with a cream colored swirl in the center. The ring is so pretty and large too. I plan to wear it on any finger on my right hand :) The girl n the next shop we stopped in was so nice! She and her father owned it and it's called "Veronica". I love Murano Glass, it's my favorite now. Anyways, we picked out some gifts for the women in our families. We'll hand them out at Christmas. The girl who owned the shop was actually 33 years old and so cute! She ad a nose ring and was just a tiny little thing. She makes me want to go ahead and get a nose ring. I've thought about it before but I'm too chicken. After picking up those things, we went back to the shop where we bought the journal. We got dad a gift for Christmas there. Now we just need something for Jodie, Jamie and L.J.

We've been riding our water taxi around just taking it all in. Venice is a beautiful city and I would definitely come back - If only to buy more jewelery!!! We've been enjoying our last town in Italy a lot although Jere's been suffering from a bug bite that swelled up his pinkie finger. It's been very painful for him but hopefully we can find some Ibuprofen.

We're waiting for our train to Budapest, Hungary. It leaves at 9:40pm. I am pretty nervous as to whether the "reclining seats" we have will indeed be RECLINING. It could make for an interesting night. As we were leaving Venice we stopped off to pick up some post cards and also walked over to a little shop selling more glass ware. I found the bubble glass rings that I really like for 4 EUROS each! The ones I had seen at the Rialto bridge were each 10-20EUROS! I bought three. Jere found a little glass squid he liked and it's his only glass from Murano.

This is our tentative schedule. As you can see it's very official as it is written on a postcard sack.

I took this photo of a girl's shoes on the water taxi. Her and her boyfriend were from Latvia and every time I would look at the pictures I had taken to, this would come up and I was a little nervous that he would see it and freak out. They were sitting right next to us. At the time I thought they were so cute...and while I still think that, I am realizing I was probably deprived since I only had my flip flops and sneakers.


Brooke said...

I LOVE those shoes! I would have taken their picture too!

Ren said...

haha! those were cute shoes. I think her little feet had something to do with it too. :) Thanks for sharing your entries. Its good to read those again b/c there was so much you guys got to see!