Sunday, July 27, 2008

6/4/08 Wednesday ~ Travel Journal



We're back from shopping. I've forgotten how much I hate shopping when I "need" clothes. But thankfully I have new undies, bra, shirt, tank and jeans. Jere got a shirt, undies and undershirt. All of this is supposed to get reimbursed. We're sitting here in our hotel room eating Nutella and bread - a tip form the guy Tyler we met yesterday.

Earlier today Jere checked online for our bags. Jere's bag is in London and mine isn't found yet. We'll check again tonight. Hopefully they can get here before we want to leave Friday!


After taking a two hour nap, we ate dinner and then walked to Rue Claire street. Rue Claire is a market street/pedestrian road. We made our way to the Eiffel Tower, and took pictures since it was still daylight. Being in the park near the Eiffel was amazing. There is another park closer to...actually right under the tower with nice grass, willows, trees, flowers and large boulders around a pond. We saw details on the base of the tower of leaves from trees put on while the concrete was drying. We walked down by the river where Jere proceeded to speak to someone with a British accent...But finished sounding very American. "Acsuse mea, if wea buy tha teckets taday...WHEN WILL THEY EXPIRE?" It cracked me up. Ask him, maybe he'll do an impression for you.

We walked across the bridge leading away from the Eiffel towards L'Homme Museum. Crowds gather up on the terrace to look at the tower and congregate. There was a couple having wedding shots taken - a Japanese couple. We walked over and sat on some stairs and watched a B-Boy group break dancing. The music was loud and the atmosphere was fun. The scene was pretty sweet with the tower in the background. After sitting for a while, we took the subway to the Charles de Gaulle "Arc de Triomphe". (That's the area with the huge round-a-bout) Just being there in person indescribable. You have to experience it with your own eyes. We walked in a tunnel to go to the center of the round-a-bout (cars, scooters and taxis were zooming everywhere) and walked around the arc itself. The carving is exquisite. Then we left and took the subway to "Arc de la Defense". It's the new modern arc that represents the new modern France. It's directly down the Champs-Élysées across from the "Arc de Triomphe". We're sitting on the graffitied steps under the arc watching the sun set. It's 10pm and it's still light!

1:09am (Thursday morning)

After leaving the "Arc de la Defense" we decided to head back to the Eiffel. It's just that amazing. We wanted to see it all lit up! We took the train back to the Trocodore station, right by the tower and walked over. Once on the plaza we bought a crepe with Nutella chocolate syrup and bananas. We sat on the stairs and ate while looking at the scene. Jere took pics and we were entertained by the B-Boys who were STILL dancing and hanging out with their music. After a little we decided to leave and got to the bottom of the stairs to head toward the Eiffel back past to go to our hotel. There was a course for skate boarders set up with cones going down towards the tower. The skaters would gain speed and weave between the cones. Very cool. We were standing there watching the skaters when all the sudden the Eiffel tower started flashing lights like a disco ball! I had never seen that before. It was really a neat thing ti experience. Walking under the tower, we saw Dustin and his friend Aaron (from the train on the way into Paris). Small world. Once we got back to the hotel we found that Jere's bag was at the front desk!!! It was a very exciting moment. This means my bag should be here tomorrow evening around the same time. Just in time for our departure :)