Saturday, July 26, 2008

6/3/08 Tuesday ~ Travel Journal

This was our anniversary.

Paris, France


Our bags are still gone. They are supposed to meet us at our hotel in Paris now. Because they've been gone for over 24 hours we're eligible to get money back for certain things like clothes and our hotel (possibly). We're going to buy clothes in France. Right now we're sitting in the train station eating sandwiches and waiting to depart...two hours from now.

We're here in Paris. We just played cards for the past four hours with Tyler Out and Dustin Heitman. it was a good time :) Off to our hotel!

We've been in the subway system for over an hour...we're not LOST, but it IS confusing! The people here seem pretty stern. Not as carefree and happy as the Dutch. Before we could get tickets for the metro, we had to go street side to make change. (The ticket machine only took change). Then the only machine on the side we were at wouldn't take our coins or credit card. So we went back to where we started. The people in front of us had four tickets print so we bought them from him.

These were the trains we could take to our station: Gata, Gota, Guta, Kuma, Kema, Nora, Paul, Sara, Slom, Vick. I think we jumped on the Vick.

We're at the hotel...finally. We saw the Eiffel on the way here. We're here for three days but we'll buy some clothes tomorrow hopefully. Right now we have to focus on dinner!

We're back from dinner. We at an Indian place called "Punjab". We spent 60EU on dinner! Two main meals, nan(2), samosa(2), beer and wine. No more expensive for us......After dinner we walked to the park that is connected to the Eiffel tower. It's all lit up and amazing.

Today is our second anniversary and we'd do it all over again.