Thursday, November 6, 2008

6/28/08 Saturday ~ Travel Journal

Fussen, Germany


We are on a train heading to Fussen Germany. There is a castle called Neushwenstien castle there that we want to see. Yesterday we walked in the old part of Munich. We went to the Karlsplatz fountain and walked through the pedestrian zone where there are shops and restaurants. We went into a Swarovski Crystal shop and another store that was like a department store. After a bit of walking, we came to a plaza where the Glockenspiel Church is located. There is a clock in the bell tower that has figures that dance at certain times.

It's a pretty nice thing to view when coming into a plaza. Basically we spent the afternoon wandering around. We really wanted to watch a movie at an Imax theater located on the map but we got there and the girl told us it had been closed for the past three years. it was another type of theater but nothing for us to see. Soo we walked. After a while it was close to dinner time so we headed to the Hoffbrau Haus. It's a well known beer garden because it's one of the largest. I ordered a "Radler" which is beer with lemonade.

Jere ordered an "Original" which is original to the Haus. I also got a large pretzel while Jere ordered "The Suckling Pig". It was a nice atmosphere and we enjoyed just sitting. We met some people from Northern Germany who were on a holiday for four days in Munich. They seemed really friendly and took pictures of us with our huge drinks.

By the time we got back to the camping we were exhausted and went to bed around 9pm! I woke up around 4am but fell back asleep till 8am.

This morning while Jere showered, I ate breakfast and met an older guy named Richard. He is from Arizona and seems to have traveled a lot. We just talked about our experiences and various tips and advice. He advised that if you aren't getting results from lower level people in a company that you should just go straight to the CEO. Write a letter or E-mail. Seems like he's gotten some good results. So, now we're heading to Fussen to see the castle that Walt Disney used as inspiration for the Cinderella Castle.


Well we've been on the train for about an hour and chatting with Gentz. he is in advertising and is visiting his girlfriend in Geltendorf. He was really friendly. He just got off and we still have an hour and a half till we arrive at our destination.


On the train here, we chatted with some folks from Korea. They are so nice. Because we arrived about the same time, they are on the tours of the castles with us. We visited the Schloss Hohenschwangau and it's a pretty sweet castle. The tour guide was pretty plain and seemed bored. It's just cool to hear the information. So after we toured the castle of Ludwig II parent's, we went to his castle. First we stopped to get a snack because we were starving. We are still hungry so hopefully we can get a good dinner.

Instead of taking a carriage like I wanted, we hiked up a really steep mountain side. When we got up to the castle, we met a couple from Florida. They lived in Kansas for a while so it was nice to chat. We were also on the same tour as the Koreans that we met. The girl doing the tour was really cute and animated so it was fun. Not like the boring tour of the guy at the first castle. I really liked the rooms in the Neuschwanstien castle because they were so brightly colored. And none of it was faded. maybe they've been touching it up over the years. It's so interesting to me to think about living in the time period when people would have lived in castles. In this case 1660-1880's.

Once the tour was over, we walked down the steep, steep hillside to the base. We caught a bus and now we're waiting for a rain to take a two hour train ride to Munich. Hopefully we can get a good meal somewhere for our last night in Europe.

The Neuschwanstien Castle is surrounded by trees and sits atop a high mountain.


We are eating at the Hoffbrau Haus! I am starving. I'm going to get Bavarian potato soup to start and then two meatballs and mashed potatoes. I am also looking forward to the Radler beer. It's nice and sweet.

(Jere at dinner)

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lanes said...

I HAVE told you that I'm totally jealous, right? ;)

P.S. When is the Nutcracker, and how are rehearsals going?

Reagan said...

Nutcracker performances are December 19th night, 20th afternoon and night and 21st afternoon. Practices are going okay. it's strange because they are only 30 minutes for each role one day a week.

Don't be jealous just go and do it :) I don't know if you noticed or not, but I put up all the past links for our travel journal on the right hand side of the blog. :)