Friday, August 1, 2008

6/10/08 Tuesday ~ Travel Journal


We're sitting in our hotel room in Nice, relaxing. Our balcony window is open, laundry drying in the sun and listening to the sounds of cars driving by. We might take a nap but right now we're going to play cards. There is a train strike throughout France today so we'll leave tomorrow.

We are back from the beach. We took a nap on the stony beach (with sunscreen of course). We played cards earlier and relaxed in our room for about three hours and then went to the Internet cafe to check email and update our blog. We bought some postcards to semi replace our camera...Although nothing can REALLY replace it. We'll just relax the rest of the night.

We're eating a picnic dinner on the beach by the water. Bread, pasta salad, strawberries, salami, cheese and tarts for dessert. Oh yeah, we bought some coke too :) Our date will include more card playing before we head back to our room for the night. We're waiting for the sky to blend with the sea and turn the shade of electric blue it was last night. The sound of the sea here is different than what we've heard before. Because the beach is stony, there is the sound of the water pulling the rocks away from the beach. The two sounds combined is lovely.

That night was awesome. We sat out until around midnight and then walked back. The city was awake well into the evening since people generally meet for dinner around 10pm! We just had a great time enjoying each other and our surroundings. It was nice and relaxing after having lost our camera.