Friday, July 25, 2008

6/2/08 Monday ~ Travel Journal

Here's a little background. Our flight left Washington D.C, Dulles Airport at 4:30pm. We landed
at 6am in Amsterdam. We talked to different people about our luggage and kind of got pushed around to different places. We were told to wait by a certain luggage carousal but our bags never came off. We were then directed to several more areas and finally told that they would contact us when the bags arrived.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We're here. We don't have our luggage. We've been in the same clothes since Friday night. We're going to try to see some sights and have fun. Our luggage is supposedly going to arrive tomorrow morning on the next flight. We'll see what happens.

We got out some Euros so at least we have money.

Walking out of the central train station, the buildings are already amazing. The weather is beautiful and there is music playing. We're going to walk to our hotel, grab a bite to eat and buy a new change of clothes.

At the tourist center, the tourism consultant told us our room wouldn't have windows - we got here and our room is huge, there is a whole wall of windows. It's very airy and nice :) We just woke up from a five hour nap. We're going out now.

We just ate at a cafe and it was soo good...Jere got meaballs on bread with a side salad. I got french onion soup. We shared a plate of cheese and mustard. It was delicious. I am satisfied without being full and ready to explore.

We're on the canal cruise taking pictures and getting a good amount of information. All of the buildings and streets are amazing. it would be awesome to live somewhere like this. The gables of the houses have hoists to lift up furniture because the stairs are too narrow. A rope goes through the loop to raise the furniture up.

Jere's entry:

This card was like our key. Since there was only one key to our room, whenever we left we turned it back in. Hotel Nova was a great place, even without AC.