Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5/31/08 Saturday ~ Travel Journal

Before we left for our month long trip in Europe, I decided that I wanted to keep a journal. I was pretty serious about it and brought tape and glue and an unlined … journal. I started writing from the beginning of our trip and I loved writing and pasting things into it. I decided I would start posting one journal entry a day so I could record our travels in a more permanent way (In case something would happen to our precious journal).

Here's a little info. about how our trip started. The night before we left on our trip, Jere fell through the ceiling. The day we headed to Kansas City to stay the night in a hotel and start our trip, (Friday) one of Jere's fillings came out when he ate a starburst. He was able to take care of it and had an emergency meeting with our dentist.

Our first flight could have been better. As soon as we got into the air, the captain said we weren't allowed to land in Washington D.C. So, we went to Richmond VA to get more gas. We stayed there for two hours. (on the plane, the whole time) It didn't help that the crew was very rude! Finally we left Richmond and got to D.C. I was feeling very sick because of all of the turbulence and almost threw up several times. Both of us were feeling sick because we had eaten Cinnabon at 9:30am and hadn't had lunch! We're sitting at dinner now and will then get our luggage and head to a hotel. I called Vicki (my step mom) to get a few numbers of Jere's cousin and my friend but they aren't answering. We're going to spend a relaxing evening watching TV and being together. The new quote for this trip will be "Because if you don't laugh, you would cry!" No matter what, Jere and Reagan will have a good time because we're together!! :)

Side note: So the guy from the Crown Plaza picks us p and we're sitting on the bus. Someone calls from the hotel and says our driver needs to pick up another person. Our driver says (in his Asian accent) "Tell them to take a walk, I'm busy!" We were cracking up.


Kelly said...

Love the travel journal idea! That's what I'm doing for my trip too!! Great fun! can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!