Friday, May 30, 2008

Because if you didn't laugh, you would cry...

Let's just image, for one moment, that you were leaving tomorrow to go on a trip. This wouldn't be any normal trip. No, this would be a trip of a lifetime. If you are anything like Reagan and myself, you would be extremely busy the night before you left. You would be packing, cleaning, organizing and saying your goodbyes...

Let's say for a moment, that it was your duty to drain the gas from the scooter. You need to remove the gas so you could store the scooter inside and not have to worry about smells. I bet you would syphon the gas out. I would. Then, let's say in the process of syphoning the gas, you sucked too hard and the gas accidentally touched your lips.... now you can't get the stupid smell of gas off your mouth.... Even if you brush your teeth, rinse with mouth wash AND scrub your face with a really good face wash... But no worries... It will be gone soon...

Let's also say that someone is living in your house while you are gone. In this imaginary world, you find yourself removing your clothes from your closet so your friends/house sitters can use your closet while you are gone. Let's say, for this example, that you decide to store your clothes in the attic. You, because you are like Reagan and I, start moving things around in the attic, to "prepare" for the clothes. While doing so, because you are like us, you wait until 10:30 at night to start this task... So the attic is dark... and all you are using is a single flash light for both of you. Probably not a good idea, but you are rushing around, because you are EXACTLY like us.

This really wasn't a good idea.... Now when you reach over to pick up a box and walk across a couple of beams, you misstep and fall through the ceiling and into the living room. But, have no fear, you have manly arms that even in the dark, still can quickly catch you as you plummet into the living room.

"What just happened?" screams your significant other.

"I fell" you reply... "into the living room..."

"Oh my goodness."

With your manly arms you pull yourself back into the attic, pick up your box and place it where you wanted it.

"Let's go down and assess the damage" you state as you taste the bitterness of nasty gasoline in your mouth.

You walk downstairs and into the living room to find yourself staring at this:

Something just doesn't belong here... Can you pick it out?

Don't worry, everything looks clean! There are no crazy broken edges and it (luckily) broke along a beam. Which, believe you me, helps you out.

Go get some tools:

Cut off any rough edges:

Screw things in where you can:

Then mud the seams appropriately (use tape if you need to):

Now, the final step in the process, because, lest you forget, you are JUST LIKE US, is to blog about this little surprise at 1:00am. Because if YOU don't blog about this little adventure, your significant other will.

Good morning everybody, we're going to bed.


april said...

I hope it's okay that I'm laughing 'cause that's pretty darn funny. Have a wonderful time in Europe!

Shawna said... that is incredible. I have to admit to laughing that it was jere..the friends I know it would have been reagan that was rushing around and fell through the ceiling, NOT jere. He is safety first and very methodical. I think that is why I am laughing. Kudos for fixing it before you left!

Jessie said...

Oh my word! My mouth is still open and dropped. Great job fixing it up. Amazing.
and yes it deserved to be blogged thanks

dave & rachel said...

Woah, that is crazy. I laughed, but had it been US I would have cried. :) You guys are amazing!

Have fun in Europe! We are going to miss you crazy people!

Scott and Lynn said...

UNBELIEVABLE! And here I am feeling SO bad that I didn't just have you bring your clothes over here! You guys are awesome! I think I, too, would have cried - and I'm SURE we wouldn't have fixed it - no, we would've called Jere to come fix it while we were gone :)

Reagan said...

LOL - well Jere was kinda upset with me because I was laughing - like how could this happen?! But after a while he saw the humor in it :)

OH and then late this morning, a filling fell out of his tooth! Thankfully he went in and the dentist filled it and another one he noticed that would need to be filled soon! :)

Jeremiah said...

Well from my fall to actually cleaning up the tools after I was done, took about 45 minutes.. This hole wasn't that big of a task since we attacked it immediately.

Kelly said...

If it makes you feel any better, my garage door broke...and my car was stuck inside! I know, not quite as theatrical!! :-)