Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photos from the weekend

We visited Garden of the Gods. Jere and I drove up a dirt road. It was fun.

Went to Brian and Rachelle's wedding - the reason for our weekend trip!
Stayed with Momoko Rarick. We want to go back to stay with her!
Drove to Garden City, KS to visit Jere's Grandpa. This picture is of part the workshop.
Woodworking shop.

Grandpa Kemper when he was a young man.
We have more pictures on Flickr.


Lizzi said...

Your pictures of the mountains make me so nostalgic! We were just there for our anniversary trip. :-) You take such great pictures - I can't wait to see the ones of Europe!

Anonymous said...

Oh, in case you didn't know who the above comment was - I'm Lizzi Messick from facebook :-)