Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6/23/08 Monday ~ Travel Journal

Interlaken, Switzerland


Today I went rafting for the time. It was great! I wish there had been more rapids but it was a lot of fun. We bought the pictures and there's a really good shot of Jere putting on his helmet.

See that couple in the foreground, left hand side?? We realized later that it's us making out...

This crazy guy was from New Zealand and is demonstrating how to pull someone back into the raft. His voice was hoarse from yelling over the rapids all the time and he was hilarious. He had quite a few missing teeth (presumably from crazy rafting) and an interesting hair style. He pulled it off well though.

Our guide was Todd-from New Zealand. He's been here for three years rafting for two years. We have had a blast here in Interlaken and I am SO GLAD we decided to come here!! I am going to suggest it to everyone. I really think Jodie would enjoy working here with all the outdoor activities - He would definately fit in somewhere. We talked about canyoning tomorrow but we still have two more countries and cities to visit before we leave to go home this upcoming Sunday. We'll probably leave in the morning. Tonight we might grill at the camp with Sam and Courtney. That sounds really nice to me. :)


I was laying down and woke up to a splash and people I got out of the tent and came out to the common area. People are jumping into the canal and swimming down a ways! I think they're German. Whatever they are, they are definately crazy for sure. That water is miserably cold! It's glacial ice melt!