Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6/22/08 Sunday ~ Travel Journal

Interlaken, Switzerland


We went paragliding today!! It was awesome. We ended up buying the pictures, but this is kinda once in a lifetime! This morning Jere walked into town and paid for our paragliding and our rafting for tomorrow. We left at 1:45pm and just got back a little bit ago. This morning I did laundry and played cards until Jere got back. We ate lunch, played cards and finished laundry and left for paragliding. Just a normal day - right? No, it was awesome.

After we got back we've been playing cards and hanging out. We'll probably go to the square in town to watch the game tonight. Italy and Spain are playing so it should be good :) We've been hanging out with Darby, Jennifer, Elena, Jason and Brett.

We also met Sam and Courtney today and I think they're going with us to watch the game. Sam and Courtney are from Vancouver and the other five are from everywhere but live in Germany. They work for the Army (contracting) doing technology stuff.

That night we got back from watching the game in town with Sam and Courtney and played more cards with the other group. We went to bed around 1am.


Ren said...

i dont think i heard about the paragliding! wow! were you terrified??

Reagan said...

It was a lot of fun. I was a little nervous up until take off and then also screamed a little when we were running off the mountain. Overall, it wasn't scary. You should do it sometime!