Thursday, July 24, 2008

6/1/08 Sunday ~ Travel Journal

The background on this entry was that there was bad weather in Washington D.C so we couldn't land. We missed the two flights that were supposed to follow. Our baggage was on the first flight that we had taken and got lost in the mix with a lot of flights being canceled. We were assured that our luggage would meet us there. One guy even said "don't worry, it'll get there and you'll think about me and say 'that handsome, smart guy was right' ".

Sorry mister, you're not handsome or smart and you were wrong.

Because our flight was canceled and the rest of the flights out that night were full, we went to the Holocaust museum on Sunday. I have always wanted to visit the holocaust museum and Jere took me there. He even came inside with me, even though he has always said if we went there he wouldn't go in with me. Now that's true love.

We took a KLM flight that US Airways booked us on. We left Sunday at 4:30pm. We don't know if our luggage will meet us there or not.....