Sunday, October 19, 2008

6/25/08 Wednesday ~ Travel Journal

Vienna, Austria

We slept in until 11:30am! I slept a little fitfully and also had a bad dream where I woke up bawling. I hate it when I dream about people dying. We had a great breakfast of bread and tomato spread as well as marmalade and butter. We also had eggs and tomatoes. We showered and then showed Ingrid pictures o our flickr account. By the time all that happened, Mirjam was home from school (They finish school late and start the school year later than we do!) We walked down to a cafe they frequent and had a bite to eat. I had tomato soup! Now Mirjam is going to take us around and show s the city :) Later Ingrid will pick us up in their car.

Mirjam took us around the city today. After our lunch, Ingrid offered to show us Viennese coffee and it was very good! It tastes so smooth.
After coffee, Mirjam took us t see the town hall, Parliament, Stephensdom, Karlskirche and other areas. We got ice cream at the best place in Vienna.

As we were walking in the shopping area, we saw the store "Lush". It's the same store Jere bought massage bars and bath balls for me. Anyways, he bought those online and this was a shop where we could touch and smell everything. We bought two shampoo bars and two shimmery body bars. We also bought Merriam some body jelly as a gift for being our guide.

This is the subway!

I'm glad we're spending time with them instead of touring the city by ourselves. it's so much nicer viewing things with local people. So now we are back at their flat watching the soccer game of Germany VS Turkey. When we were our earlier, there were fans everywhere. Merriam took us to "the fan zone" where there are streets closed off and screens set up to watch the game. Now it's raining! It sounds so nice - also it will be nice to cool the air. We were pretty hot earlier when we were walking around. I'm not sure what we'll do tomorrow...Probably leave. We'll have to figure it out tonight.