Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6/26/08 Thursday ~ Travel Journal

These posts are taken from the journal I kept while traveling in Europe in June 2008.

Vienna, Austria

10:27 am
We are waiting for Ingrid and Mirjam to get home so we can get something to eat. I am starving! The plan right now is to leave on a rain at 1:40pm. We would get into Munich around 6:30pm if we go through Salzburg instead of going directly to Munich from Vienna.

We are still hungry. Someone kept calling but we didn't pick it up. We found out about five minutes later that it was the cleaning lady. We heard someone come up the stairs and open the front door but it wasn't who we were expecting! She didn't speak English and basically made a signal that she would call Ingrid. Weird meeting someone who doesn't know what's going on!

Obviously Jere was still hungry...

We are on the train to Munich and should arrive around 8:30pm. I think the camping is close to the train station, not a far walk. Ingrid and Mirjam got home a bit after 11am and we went to the Hummel Cafe for lunch. I had Wiener Snitzel and Jere had Fikergoulash. his was more like a stew and it was really good. The meat was really tender. Ingrid ordered us some Sache Torte cake to tr and it was really good. Mirjam had a dessert but it was striped. I can't remember what it was called. So Mirjam took Jere and I to the store and to a bakery called "Aida" to buy a small Sache Torte cake.

Check list for 6/27/08

  • Laundry

  • Shower

  • Send Ingrid Money

  • Get nose ring

Munich, Germany


We arrived in Munich Germany around 9:30pm. We took the tram straight to our camping - "The Tent". It seems like a really cool place with lights strung places, a bonfire going, nice toilette's, Internet, cafeteria etc. The people seem very nice so far.

Yesterday afternoon I got a message on Facebook from a friend sending condolences about Lady. I was confused at first but didn't have a good feeling and was certain she had died. I cried (with Ingrid and Mirjam present). I chatted with Rachel last night and she said she was sorry I found out this way on the trip. Tonight, Dad sent me an e-mail telling me the whole story of how she passed and what happened. It's so sad because I can picture Lady's sweet face laying on her side like she did at our house. Dad said he thinks she had a stroke or heart attack. She was breathing but not responding. Dad took her to the vet and let her go while petting her and telling her what a good dog she had been to us. And she has. She has been such a great dog. I just can't get over the thought that she won't be around staring at the person cooking the food, always under foot. I'll just let the tears come until they stop on their own.

At first I didn't want to write about Lady dying into my travel journal, but realized that it would probably help. I had been crying on and off since I had found out and after I wrote my feelings down I was able to go to sleep and calm down for the rest of the trip. I was so sad.


Ren said...

:( i still feel awful about that.....i should've thought twice about it before writing you...