Friday, October 24, 2008

2009 Moleskine Planner

Recently, I bought my planner for next year. I had a coupon and even though it's still two months away I am excited about it. For the past two years, I have used moleskine planners and I love them. I love the simple black cover, and the range of sizes and the layout and overall design. I love that all notebooks, journals, planners etc. have a pocket in the back to store random notes. The first year that I had one, I bought a small size planner to fit in my purse.

It was basically pocket size. My current planner is about 5" x 8" and it still fits in my purse. My current planner has the week listed out across the center fold and I like it. Both of the planners I've had were the same layout, just different sizes.

THEN I found this planner where the week is on one side and on the other side is a page for notes and lists. I am SO excited for the possibilities this opens up in my day to day life! Scheduling on one side, notes and lists on the other side!!! Another difference is that my new planner is a soft cover. My other two were hard covers and while I it just fine, I am soo captivated by the flexibleness. (That is a real word...even if spellcheck doesn't agree) When I researched it a little after I snatched it up, it says that this one is an 18 month planner??? I am not sure if mine is but that would be an extra bonus!

Also, I just need to thank my friend Rex for leading me into the world of Moleskine. His excitement and obvious love of the craft showed me that I too could have a relationship with a book. :0)

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lanes said...

I get crazy about planners and journals, too. There's something so wonderful about having a place to record your thoughts and being able to dream a little!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!
I think I remember seeeing a web site once where you could get a custom engraving on the front of your moleskine planner.

Not sure if it's expensive, but might be a fun idea for your 2010 planner.

(From Ben Graves, I can't log in to google on this ship)