Monday, October 27, 2008

Mobile Uploads

On my way to the airport, last weekend to visit my friend Amanda!
On our way to go hiking.

Trying to sneak into Jere's office. I love sending him pictures of what he's doing :)

I think I sent him this pic. (Me sitting at his desk)
And this was the end result. (Him throwing papers over his cubicle wall. I'm impressed that they land like they did and stayed)

Yay it's raining!
Amazing dark versus light against the sky. My phone did not do it justice.
Silo's & Rain in North Topeka
Happy Monday. Hopefully you didn't have to get up at the dreadful time of 5:30am.


Shawna said...

Ummm, you look pretty perky for 5:30 am my friend! Rest assured I DID NOT get up then, several hrs later in fact. :) Have a great day!

lanes said...

Hahha, is that Rachel laying her head down on the table?? So typical.

Also, I love your hair. It always seems to look so good!

Reagan said...

That's is Rachel laying on the table. :)

I had to try really hard to look even awake for that picture so thanks :)