Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6/6/08 Friday ~ Travel Journal

We're out walking at the Basilica du Sacra Couer and just got ripped off by some guys from Senegal. They stopped us at the bottom of some stairs and made bracelets on our wrists: Then wanted 20EU for them! Jere gave them 14EU. We're avoiding everyone else from now on. It probably started when I asked Jere to give a music man from the subway a coin for playing. I put his defenses down - we won't do it again.

We visited the Louvre and the Sacra Couer, highest point in Paris. We're headed to the Notre Dame now. We grabbed a hotdog and sat for a while to rest. We walked through the "Mont Matre" where there were little shops and painters selling their canvases. We saw some that we liked but didn't want to spend the money for something that might be fake.

We're trying to wash our clothes. Jere ran off to find detergent and I am waiting. The washing machine looks like a puzzle (too bad considering I usually have trouble with ones in English!) A man came in earlier and opened what I thought was the detergent slot - he poured a whole bottle of water in! Do you have to provide your own water for the machine?! Probably not, but that's what it looked like. Before finally getting back to our hotel earlier, we went inside the Notre Dame and walked around. For some reason the structure didn't put me in awe as when I first saw a European cathedral. Has my architecture virginity been taken?!

_Wash clothes
_Find hotel for tomorrow
_Eat dinner
_Pack our packs
_Add up money totals

Side note: "Ismet" at the hotel "Royal Phare" was very nice to us.