Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6/27/08 Friday ~ Travel Journal

Munich, Germany


We are sitting in a Greek restaurant just finishing our lunch. It took us a while to get around this morning but we did laundry, ate food and showered :) We walked from the camping to an ATM and walked through the grounds of a castle on the way. There is the castle and then a wall surrounding the grounds.
This castle is the Nymphenburger Schloss. Schloss = Castle. It was so random, we didn't know it was there and just stumbled onto the grounds by accident.

Along the wall there are houses attached to the wall. It looked pretty cool. There were swans swimming in a pond and it was nice to look at them and think about jumping in the water.

Today we don't have time to make it to Dachau or the Neuschwanstien Castle (Disney modeled after this castle) but we have tomorrow to go to one place. We'll probably visit the castle as someone said it's a good size day trip. Today we'll just explore the city and go downtown.
As we asked for the check for our lunch, our waiter brought us two drinks instead. Jere was given whiskey and he gave me a fruity drink. It was good! And free! Maybe he liked us since we're foreign.

In the evening, we ate at the Hoffbrau Haus. I wrote about that and other activities that we did the next day.