Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mobile Uploads

Here are some more uploads from my camera that I found. I just love looking at all the pictures. Check out how short my hair was!
Young Ruthie...She was about 14 in this photo. Now she's 19.
Board for school.Young Jeezee
Me and my sister Rachel. I can't remember if we were faking or not. Probably.
One of many photos I take while at work.

My ring. I like looking at it.
Me when I first started my job, two years ago.


Lost in the woods
In da hood

Jere - crazy face. Right after we got our phones :)

This is my nephew Colter when we was a baby. Now he is 3 1/2!

My father.
Jere. I think we were at apple bees.


April said...

You should do a post solely dedicated to your many different hairstyles.