Monday, September 22, 2008

Mobile Uploads

These uploads are from my phone and have taken place over the last week. Mostly in my cubicle at work (it takes about 1 second to take a photo everyday)
Home made Carrot soup and bread...The soup was way to garlicy.

(she) Bangs.
I've been thinking about William Hong recently for some reason (he tried out for American Idol singing "She Bangs". Maybe because I just want to know why he would try out for a competition with a song that doesn't even remotely showcase any musical talent?! Cutie Pie.
Tricky shot.

I went two weeks without drinking a coke - I was trying for a month but was just too tired that day.

Corn rows.


Shawna said...

I love your hair with corn rows. I try that with mine and I look so retarded, it looks so good on you though, I keep trying! Maybe I should have you do mine sometime! :)

Reagan said...

It never looks good (to me) unless my hair is somewhat messy...which is pretty much all the time...

Ren said...

vanilla coke is the best. :) yay! not trying to push it on ya though...i got pretty addicted to that last summer. i do like your corn rows. they look cool!