Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 2008 Summary

Here's a few things we did in July.

  • Bought four new tires for our Jeep right after returning home.

  • Watched "Wall-E" and fell asleep in the theater. Unfortunately, that wasn't the first time I have fallen asleep in a movie at a theater.

  • We started back to work July 1st after our Europe trip.

  • Celebrated July 4Th with family and church friends without a hitch.

  • I bought an Ipod shuffle for myself to listen to at work and while running.

  • Went to a reception for my step-sister and her hubby. They got married in San Fransisco and celebrated with all of us back home.
  • Hung out several times with my sister Rachel and my friend Renae.
  • Hung out with my friend Laura.

  • Got to spend a little time with Jere's cousin Adam and his cute wife Allie.
  • Visited the local farmers market several times on Saturdays.

  • Went to the beautiful wedding of our friends Nick and Brittany.

  • Played cards MANY times with friends. (Brian & Rachelle, Joe & Jessie, Dave & Rachel)

  • Helped our friends, Josh and Christi move.

  • Bought Jere an "Apple" laptop which also came with a free Ipod Touch. (for school)

  • Participated in eating dinner at the day camp that our chapel held. Camp Enosh is happening again next year!

  • Prayed for Katie Bloom.

  • Celebrated my sister's birthday.
  • Met Merikate's new puppy Adrianna and gave her our kennel to use since we have no puppies anymore.

  • Watched "The Dark Night" in theaters. (Jere really wanted to see it on the big screen)

  • Celebrated Jere's 26Th birthday in KC. We rented a hotel room at the Intercontinental, visited the Nelson Atkins Museum, ate dinner out and swam in the hotel pool.

  • Went swimming with Scott, Lynn and the kiddies. It was my first ever time visiting Gage pool.

  • Got my hair cut. (not short, just to trim stuff up)

  • Went to a BBQ held for my friend Amanda. She was in town for a bit and it was awesome to see her and Austin. :)

  • Relaxed and mentally prepared ourselves for this fall. Jere will be going back to school and taking 18 hours.

These aren't really in any order!


dave & rachel said...

How did the haircut turn out?!

Reagan said...

It's good! I had her add more layers up top and although it's not exactly what I pictured, it's good. The only sad part is that it feels shorter to me. It'll grow out though.