Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 2008 Summary

Well another month has gone by and I'm wondering where it's gone and what we've done! I should be writing this stuff down as I go instead of thinking back on it...In no particular order here's what I can remember.

  • Jere went to Boston for five days to learn about Silverlight.
  • Dave & Doug turned 30 and we celebrated by having a surprise party that they figured out was going to happen.
  • Jodie got engaged to Melodi.
  • I met Melodi for the first time.
  • I met Melodi for the second time.
  • I bought my most favorite piece of furniture for $50 while running into Hobby Lobby to pick up a sketchbook for Jere...Thanks for going to school babe. Basically, you made me buy that hutch. ;)
  • Bought running shoes as opposed to tennis shoes. Jere has had a pair before but that was several years ago.
  • Jere started school and started staying up later than he would like on a consistent basis.
  • I found out that another 10.25 people I know or know of are pregnant...There is seriously a baby boom still happening.
  • Hung out with my friend Laura.
  • I tried out for a position in the Nutcracker Ballet and probably flubbed it (unfortunately, I'm not joking, I'll find out September 17th)
  • Made bread for the first time EVER, and totally messed it up.
  • Made pretzels for the first time EVER and did okay.
  • Made granola bars for the first EVER and did okay.
  • Made Yogurt for the third or fourth time and did WELL.
  • Made granola for the third or fourth time and did WELL.
  • Started shopping at CVS & Walgreens again.
  • I signed up a team to play Volleyball this fall in a Rec league.
  • Hung out with Renae several times!
  • Jere convinced Chris & Thomas to go to Washburn and although it caused turmoil for a few days, it's working out pretty well. Now he has lunch buddies once a week.
  • Bought a "Bullet Blender" since our old one bit it a while ago. I love smoothies!
  • My brother Jamie started his high school career as a freshman at Topeka West.
  • I ran 26.8 miles. (as of 8/27)
  • I walked 17 miles.
  • I bought new Teva's.
  • Jill, Rachel, Elena, Renae and Melodi came to eat dinner and hang out.
  • Jeff & Ashlee's baby Ezra was born on 8/8/08! (I just love that)
  • I discovered that running has helped my asthma. I don't think I've used my inhaler all month and I am breathing better than ever. Sweet!
  • I went to Hutchinson for the first time that I can remember.
  • My step-mom turned 62.
  • We moved out of Scott & Lynn's and back into our own house.

This month we haven't seen our friends and family as much as we did last month but hopefully that will change as the fall draws near and welcomes us in it's cool embrace. (not that this summer has been hot by any means!) I am ready for fall and winter because it's my favorite time of year!


lanes said...

I hear ya on that last part. Fall is my most favorite time of year and it's coming very soon! I enjoyed hanging out with you girls the other night. That was really nice! :)

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

you've been busy! :) i love fall too and am looking forward to it's weather as well. and i totally know what you mean about the baby boom - we have 14 friends preggo right now! but i don't understand how you found out about 10.25 -- explain? :)

Ren said...

yeh you sure have done alot! I like it that you listed it all out b/c it is cool to look back and see what all changed. yay for Jodie and Melodi! that nite at your house was so awesome. :)
Im sure Ill hear about how you did with your tryouts of Nutcracker when you find out. Never did ask you about it. How do you think it went?

Reagan said...

10.25 kids was a random number...I am sure someone I know is pregnant but I don't know it yet. Also I am guessing there are more than 10 people that I know that are pregnant but I haven't done a specific count :)
Nae - I think I did horribly at the nutcracker tryouts, but I'm okay with it. I tried.