Friday, August 8, 2008

Vinyl Stickers

I like vinyl appliques. I don't have any yet but I WILL have some in the future. There are so many delicious ones. I love sitting and picturing in my head where they could go and how I could possibly work them in. I think they qualify for the "less is more" idea of design. They are simple yet may provide interesting detail to to your home!

I really like this website.

I got the folowing pictures from this website.

The hand wierds me out a bit, but I like the sprinkling.

This is cute.

I've always loved circles in design.

This would add so much to a little boys room!


I just love this.
See that girl? That's me laying on the floor next my wall applique. I really am that tan.
Ooomph. See what a punch it gives to the space?
This is just really cool.
I would never use this one but it's fun and looks like an Itunes advertisement to me. Only cool retro people could rock this.
I am REALLY not sure where I first saw these. Someone probably had a post about them on their site and I have been mulling over this idea for a while. Not sure who to credit!


Jessie said...

That is funny, I have been thinking about them too and where they COULD work. I have not found any place in my house. But they were all really cute ideas.
My friend Nicole has one above her door the says; Woodhouse Est: 2004
and I love it! I feel like I already have so much stuff on my walls now and too little space-maybe upstairs in the boy's room ...hmmm.....

Shawna said...

you could totally do that brown flowery one in your house! it would look great.

jessie you need one for over you and joe's bed that says "this is where the magic happens!" :)

Reagan said...

Shawna you are hilarious! Jessie I think it would be really fun if you totally redid that room you go through to go upstairs. You could theme it around the vinyl stickers even! You could do a tv/craft room and have a sitting area out in the front room. I would say you have plenty of wall space in that room.

Jessie said...

Okay, you come over and help me do it and I will :)
Shawna... what about "Love shack" or "the baby maker" or "The Sizzler"
ha ha ha ha ha ha

Shawna said...

oh yes, believe me I had much racier lines..but I was holding my tongue on this public forum. :)

Jessie said...

maybe you should email me some suggestions :)