Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Flight of the Conchords...

Jere in the bathroom this morning, in a loud voice: "Hello"..."Hi"

Reagan, getting dressed in the bedroom wonders who he's talking to...

Jere in the bathroom again: "Hello"..."Hi"

Jere comes into the bedroom.

Reagan: "Who are you talking to?"

Jere: "I have that Flight of the Conchords song 'Jenny' stuck in my head. Heello. Hi. Hello man sitting in the park."

Reagan: "Ooohhh" ::smiles::

::Driving to work this morning::

Reagan while putting on mascara in the Jeep: "I was kinda hoping you could call the Pella guy to see if he'll give us a discount. I've had to work with him a lot and he always sounds kind of annoyed when I talked to him."

Jere sits and stares and drives...

Reagan looks over to see if he's thinking or brooding or what...

Reagan: "Did you hear me?"

Jere: "No."

Reagan: "You didn't hear me just ask you a question that was several sentences long?"

Jere: "No."

Reagan, flabbergasted: "I can't believe you didn't hear me! What is going on in that head of yours?!"

Jere, a little flustered: "Nothing! My head is empty!"

Reagan starts stuttering about to say something about how she wishes she could have an empty head and gets cut off.

Jere: "Actually, that's not true... I have that Jenny song playing in my head."

Reagan, incredulously: "oh. my. goodness."

Dear Flight of the Conchords,

Please stop messing with my marriage.



Shawna said...

which song would you rather have stuck in his mind? he could have been pawing you all the way to work while you were tying to apply your mascara and talk to him. LOL!

*not saying jere paws....that was just the most "g" rated thing I could come up with to reference business time. :)

Jessie said...

Ha ha ha...Joe loves Flight of the Concords. Sometimes Joe does not hear me either because he is listening to them or thinking of them. :) they do make me laugh

Rachel said...

This is hilarious - I cannot tell you how many times Dave has not heard what I've been saying, and yet, he still claims that he was thinking about nothing! I seriously wish my brain would turn off like that! There's always like 10 things on my mind at once. :)

Reagan said...

Shawna - I was talking to jere tonight about it and he said he was cracking up because one time when it was "business time", I asked him to take off my business socks. LOL Apparently this has been integrated into our lives more than I know.

Rachel - This has never happened to me before so I was completely mystified. :)

Jessie - I love flight of the conchords too :)