Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 2008 Summary

This has been such a nice exercise to remember the month and what all has happened considering time seems to be flying by...

I found out that I have two roles in the Nutcracker.

I turned 25 years old.

My dad turned 61 years old.

Jere and I met seven years ago.

Ordered windows from Pella - Oh I am very excited for them to be installed soon.

I rode a horse for the first time in years and it took off with me on it's back.

I started ballet and volleyball. I love both of those activities.

Women's bible study started on the names of God.

Celebrated John Bloom's birthday in Hutchinson.

I visited Hutchinson for the first time.

Jodie and Melodi
(here by known as "Jodelodi") got married on paper! I have a new sister in law! Their wedding ceremony and reception is December 27.

Made home-made bread that actually tasted okay and looked okay for the first time.

Made chicken and sweet potato meal for the second time.

Made plans and bought a plane ticket to visit Amanda in October!

I ran my first 5K race in 34:07 minutes. 11:04 minute miles? I'll get better.

Spent a weekend away from Jere and hated the feeling.

I visited the Tulsa, OK aquarium.

Road tripped with Todd, Brian and Rachelle and had fun.

The girls got together to celebrate birthdays. Always fulfilling.

Attended a Supper Club to make food and freeze it for later at Shawna's...What a great idea!

I realized I need to learn how to just live and have no major goals in mind sometimes. Be still.

I found out a friend is pregnant. Congratulations, Friend!

I ran 4 miles without stopping. I've never done that before.

Worked in the yard...and saw three snakes living together under a brush pile I moved. Maybe the yard CAN wait till Spring....

Moved the hutch and built-in's.

Went to Jamie's soccer game.

I ran 7 miles for the first time ever! I did stop a couple times :)


rallywhit said...

who is this "friend" you speak of?

Austin said...

SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Way to go awesome runner, learner, baker, friend, wife, sister PERSON!!!

Can't wait to see you...and remember: visit that house!!!