Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweet Husband = Clean House

Over the weekend I was trying my hardest not to have expectations. Plans kept changing, little by little and I tried to just go with the flow. On Saturday night we got home late and the goals I had had up until that point had not been accomplished. Jere decided to read for an hour and a half while I ran to Walgreens. I would then come home and pick up around the house and clean up like I had been wanting to do. As we were getting out of the car to come inside before I left for Walgreens Jere said "oh well cleaning up shouldn't take very long".
Here's the thing, I am not a quick picker upper. For some reason it takes me about four times as long as the average person because I HAVE to go through every single little thing. Think about where it should go and then make piles of what goes together. THEN I rush around, putting those piles away and get side tracked on a million other things that I see while doing it. In the end I don't get very much done. As I am walking out the door Jere is standing there looking at me after telling me it wouldn't take me very long to pick everything up. (Our whole table was covered and laundry baskets were sitting out with clothes in them etc.)
So I go and do my thing at Walgreens and get home, open the door and the living room looks like this...I kind of had to do a double take because I was so surprised. It feels so good to come home with all the candles lit, lights down low and no clutter anywhere!
I did the dishes so the kitchen was clean before bed and laundry got done on Sunday. One thing at a time, taking it slowly. It's a little maddening but stuff got done right?
Jere is so good at this type of thing and he knows it. He timed himself and it took less than five minutes. He puts things away and I never wonder where stuff has gone. Somehow he just sweeps through and it's all good. I wish I had that talent!
Also, we moved the hutch into it's rightful position and got all the dishes put away in it! I love it.

Previously trashed table - totally clean!


Marcie said...

Wow, everything looks awesome! Love the hutch by the way - great find!

Jessie said...

So nice to come home to clean :) Yeah Jere!

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

your house looks great! sometimes ben was home while i was at work and i came home to clean house and dishes done... sweet husbands are the best, aren't they? :)