Friday, August 22, 2008

Furniture Finds

This week, I found an awesome deal at Hobby Lobby. I walked into the store and it was the first thing I saw. The price tag said $50 and I was in disbelief. The first thing I thought was "Surely that isn't $50, maybe the drawer is $50 dollars". So I did what any of us would do: Ran straight away to the cashier while looking over my shoulder to make sure no other bargain hunter was about to spy my prize. I asked if it was the price that it claimed and the cashier came back with me to check. Sure enough it was the truth! I love it because of the white washed color, the columns on the front (my dining room table has column-like legs), the curved piece at the top, the drawers with the ring pulls and especially how sturdy it is. This thing is heavy.

This white hutch is my favorite piece of furniture in my house and it got me thinking about the other things that have been provided for us on the cheap.

I bought this entertainment center from a co-worker who sent out an e-mail letting us know that he was having a garage sale. I bought it for $50. It's pretty sturdy and bought from Pier 1 over ten years ago. It's the perfect size for what we need and it has doors. That was my main priority. I've thought about re-painting it but am not sure what color or style so I'm going to leave it for now.

We bought (4) matching dining room chairs for $25 after some friends mentioned that they had seen them. They got sprayed painted black to match my table and they're great. I've had conflicting feelings about them in the past but they have been provided for us and I am thankful for them.
I would post pictures of other furniture finds, but then I would have to go into most all of our furniture! Isn't it so fun to think about that type of thing??


dave & rachel said...

I love that hutch! Beautiful! Wish I had seen it! :)

lanes said...

The hutch is beautiful. And Hobby Lobby is quite a wonderful place for finding beautiful things at a reasonable price! I got a very antique-y end table from there for less than $30!