Saturday, August 23, 2008


When I think about our honeymoon my first reaction is that I am sad. I am sad because we don't have any pictures. The one thing that brings a flood of memory back into my brain is Enya songs. While on our honeymoon there were Enya songs playing in the hotel rotunda and open eating area THE WHOLE TIME. I had never thought about that music before our honeymoon and now I love it. Her music is ethereal and while listening I step through different parts of our trip together and I'm not sad anymore. It reminds me of four foot tall wax candles set about and marble floors and wood decking with little bridges and plants hanging in the rotunda. It also reminds me of tequila sunrise drinks and huge grapes cut in half and covered in cream cheese then rolled in crushed nuts. MMM that sounds nice.

The same thing happens when I listen to Gavin Degraw music. I think about fall leaves, the wreck where a drunk driver totaled my car on KU's campus, driving to work with the windows down and reveling in the gloriousness of driving a stick shift car.

The same thing happens when I hear the song "I want to fall in love with you" by Jars of Clay. Many a night on teen trips in highschool I would 'borrow' someones CD player and listen to that song OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Reminds me of running through random churches where we would stay the night and and also being told that I screamed because my sister kicked my 3rd degree blistered back...but not remembering that I screamed because I actually blacked out.

I am sure there are songs that do that to you too!


rallywhit said...

I kicked your back and you blacked out???

I don't remember this....details please!

lanes said...

I love that different songs can totally remind you a certain time in your life and suddenly you feel every emotion/memory you felt at that moment!