Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meeting Melodi

Last Saturday we met Melodi. Melodi is going to marry my brother sometime before the end of the year and we had never met her! My sister Ruth wasn't able to make it but she was the only one missing out of the Wheeler women. We were supposed to meet at 11am at the Brick Oven Grille but we got there and found that it opened at 4pm, not 11am. Of course I was organizing the little shindig and never called to verify...
So we ventured over to Johnny Carino's and opened the place up :) Melodi is amazing. She is so sweet, knows how to keep up a conversation and overall she is just an honest girl. I love her already, although I knew that I would before we met.
Jodie did so well on picking out her ring - it's a 1/2 carat princess cut diamond and the band comes up on both sides to the 4-prong setting. On either side of the setting, the prongs cross and so there is some detail there that is really nice. It's funny how it's a fairly simple ring but it looks so nice on her and FEELS so special.
It's a good thing Melodi is so laid back because Vicki, mom, rachel and I had plenty ideas for her of what they could have in their wedding and what supplies they could use and where the wedding could be and when it could be...she just kept saying "oh don't worry about intruding, I've never been married so I have no idea!". Sounds good to me, I'll interject my opinion wherever I can :)

Kinda funny, I just noticed that we're all wearing some form of black or light blue...We must all think a like! Wait, that's kinda scary.