Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mobile Uploads

I meant to do this on Monday, but just didn't get around to it! These are some of the pictures I've taken with my phone from the past week and a half or so...Not really in any order...

Our Jeep.

The beautiful day I bought new running shoes...

The new Teva's I randomly bought for $13.90...after buying new running shoes

The numbers above represent the mileage on our car. I was on the highway driving to pick up Jere from the airport over a week ago when I saw it. I noticed it just as I was switching from I-70 to 435N and somehow I thought it was more important than merging traffic and you know...paying attention. Jere is always taking pictures of our mileage when it hits neat numbers and since he was on my mind I thought I would give him a little present that would only happen once in a life time to this vehicle.
The one below I took after I picked Jere up. If it's confusing you it's really 121,314 miles. Jere is waiting for "123,456" so he can take the sweetest picture ever.

The beautiful face I got to see after five days of not seeing it.

I like to call this self portrait "Wet Rat".

On this day, I decided not to show my face...Bad face day.

This is the fabric that I stared at in Joann's for awhile trying to figure out if I should buy it or not. I sent Jere this picture but he never responded. I bought it and it now covers parts of my ottoman.

Hope you're having a good day!


Brooke said...

Wet rat. Ha ha.

I go to Joann's and stare at fabric too. I always buy too. **sigh** I love fabric.

Reagan said...

That "wet rat" photo is on jere's background for his's his new favorite pic of me. hehe