Thursday, August 21, 2008


Teva flip-flops are my favorite type of shoe. They are a sandal, comfort, walking, beach, winter, summer, hiking, biking type of shoe. In the past I have run the four parks of Disneyland, hiked trails, ridden bikes, walked Europe and many other things in my Teva flip-flops. They are so comfortable and when they sit in the sun after a few hours at the pool you are welcomed back invitingly by foamy/rubbery cushion that has inflated because of the heat. The straps are a whole 'nuther area to love. First there is the cool little Teva tag. This little flag proudly waves and says "Hi, I am Teva and I rock". The thickness of the straps is amazing because it gives extra support as you are walking, hiking, biking. It's a stabilizer.
Monday I got a new pair of Teva's and although I won't throw my old ones away, I love my new ones because they aren't so worn in! My Teva's with blue straps are over two years old and I have done a lot of activities in them. Here's the deal...Teva's are expensive by sandal standards. Generally they are $20-$25 normally. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on just ANY sandal so you have to know they are good! I got my old pair on sale 2/$30. The second pair I bought along with these didn't turn out so well but that was okay, I was experimenting. I bought this pair, if you're curious. (Except in black). The straps just didn't work for me and the sole was a little too thin for my liking. Really, I was just too used to my other ones but I ended up using them enough to warrant the purchase.
These are my current Teva's. Blue flower print on the straps and worn in enough to feel sharp rocks poking through!

The Teva's below are my new ones. I bought them for $13.90 and I know that I will use them a lot! They are solid black and I've always thought that would be nice to have. These new ones have a little hand on the flag instead of the "Teva" and they are so cute.

As you can see from the photo above, my flip-flops are worn. There are some major grooves.

One thing I love about new Teva's is the symbol on the back of the sole. When I see that characteristic hand print on other people's sandals I get jealous because mine has been gone for a long time. My new ones have it though!

My coupon box models them so well, don't you think?

If you haven't ever worn this type of sandal I highly recommend it. Buy them now while they're on sale at the end of the summer!

Here are some links if you're interested.

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Jessie said...

Thanks for the tip. I do love my Tevas now-I put them on first thing in the morning, they are so comfy.