Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 2008 Monthly Update

Nutcracker practice continued.

Our chapel had a young couples seminar focusing on Stewardship. It was so fun!

We turned the clocks back.

Barack Obama became president elect.

I cleaned up and organized my house.

Arianna Erixson came over and spent the day watching Lord of the Ring's movies. So fun!

Had family night at the Carey's with a bonfire and hot cocoa.

My volleyball team started the winter season (which only lasts for 5 weeks) it's so much fun, I really enjoy it.

Jere went to the KU/Texas game and watched them lose, unfortunetely.

Jere and I went to see L.J's play "Our Town" at his highschool.

We helped host the first ever singles get together through our chapel! It turned out great. Any singles are invited to our next one - Dec. 6th at 12:30. Let me know if you want to attend, it'll be a blast.

I visited InterfaceFLOR carpet plants in Georgia with my work.

Helped and attended a shower for my new sister-in-law, Melodi.

Jere went to a cooking club put on by our friend Shawna.

Jere, me and Melodi went to the airport to pick up my brother Jodie.

Had Thanksgiving at the Daniel's house.

Had Thanksgiving at my Dad and Stepmom's house.

Ran a 4 mile race for the Topeka Rescue Mission.

I put up my Christmas tree!


lanes said...

Kudos for running the 4 mile race! Renae was telling me about that, sounds like it was a little painful, but good experience, no?

Anonymous said...

You spelled the new presidents name wrong. :P

Reagan said...

Yeah it was a lot of fun actually. My legs were numb but I got through it!

Thanks anonymous :)