Saturday, November 29, 2008

Topeka Rescue Mission Run

Tonight I ran in the "Topeka Rescue Mission Run". My brother Jodie also ran it, although he finished way quicker. His time was something like 30-32 minutes for 4 miles.

Me and thick thighs. Look at those bulging muscles in his thighs!

After Jodie finished, he came to look for me. He found me just as I was going to turn onto Sixth St. from Kansas avenue. I want to say he ran the last quarter mile with me, it was very sweet. At one point I told him to get behind me because it was driving me crazy that he was just slightly ahead of me so he gets behind me and starts lightly pushing my back to go up the hill. It actually felt sooooo nice but I told him to stop because it was cheating! After I got to the top of Sixth St. I saw my sister Rachel waving her arms and jumping around and so I started to goof off and run faster and realized I should probably just keep the pace since the finish line was a block away. I ran really hard and then couldn't quite keep it up at the very end! So in the video I feel like I am running at such a slow pace! I finished in 45 minutes.

I have a quick story - I was running behind this one really tall guy with long legs who was running like Frankestein! It was driving me crazy watching him and thinking about how he was ahead of me, so I forced myself to get past him. He was about 50 feet in front of me (I'm not a very good judge of distance) and it took me about 6 blocks to get past him! I wish I could show you how he was running!

The video below is me running through to the finish.


lanes said...

That's amazing! It looks like it was really cold, but I'm sure you got warmed up pretty fast!