Thursday, November 20, 2008

Interface Carpet Mill Tour

This past Monday and Tuesday I went to La Grange, Georgia to visit the plants where Interface Carpet makes their product. Interface schedules tours for their clients to let them see how the process works and to tell people about their company. It was free and the invitation was extended to everyeone in the Interiors side of the company I work for so I signed up. It was an amazing tour where I met people with southern accents and great hospitality. Everyone was so nice and the tour was so informative! There were also extra perks like a nice dinner and a massage. Interface is an amazing company and seems to be leading the way on the carpet industry front. Their goal is to have no negative effect on the Earth by the year 2020 and they are well on their way to acheiving that goal. Some of the inovative leadership they have displayed just astounded me. The pictures I have are from the Lodge where they put us up for the night. We weren't allowed to take any pictures in the mills.

Welcome to the Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens. Your massage is in an hour.

Driveup entrance.


Inside the lobby. The photo isn't very good but it was very cozy. My bathroom sink.

The beds. One for me to sleep in, one to throw all my clothes on!

View from my balcony.

This picture was taken the morning we did the plant tour.
This picture was taken after the designer for Interface, who is a consultant, gave us bags they make out of leftover carpet scraps. Very cute!


rallywhit said...

was this trip free for you!

Ahh Georgia...I definitely remember those trees. Actually they kind of remind me of the trees behind our house...

Reagan said...

Yep it was free. It's something they do a lot and happens a lot in the industry I guess.

Rachel said...

Those bags look so cute!

Glad you had a fun time - it's nice to have a job with perks like that! :)

Shawna said...

looks like so much fun! I loved your bedroom and bath!

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

cool! callaway gardens is a great place! i have been there a few times, but never to stay overnight. looks like you had fun! :)