Friday, November 21, 2008

Link Love

Cake in a Mug ( I haven't tried this yet but I am intrigued.

I am in love with the white kitchen in this post from Hooked on Houses.

Hidden Table. This goes along the lines of the hidden door and tiny house. For some reason I really like this girl's voice. I like listening to her give tips on hair and makeup.

Gasp! Canned pumpkin isn't?!

Headboard Decals: Don't ask me if I covet, I might have to lie.

I love this cottage remodel. I've always wanted to live in a cottage. Although I feel like I am pretty eclectic in decorating, I like things clean and smooth but comfortable. I don't know how to portray this, but I wish I could jump into the pictures of this cottage. I want to live in a cottage looking house someday.

That's it for this week!


Melodi said...

I like the urban barcode decal!!!

Rissa said...

Hey, the Cake in a Mug was pretty good. :)

Reagan said...

Awesome Rissa! Thanks for letting me know. I have yet to try it... I really want to though!