Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Organizing the House

This past weekend was amazing in that I was able to get so much done around the house. I really think that getting new windows and painting the trim inspired me to just get stuff done! Yesterday I was sick and at home which meant that I was able to finish some projects once I felt better and the great weekend turned into a three day blessing. The Lord knew what I needed and being sick was a blessing in disguise!

Here, we'll start with the bathroom. I moved a frame that I had from the wall in the living room to the top of the wall cabinet above the toilet in the bathroom. Jere took that picture and I just love it. It's in an 8x10 frame.

This is a boring shot but it means so much to me! Because of the re-organizing and re-purposing, I was able to use this plastic bin under the bathroom sink to house all my cleaning supplies. I like organization behind the scenes.

Last night, after I felt a little better, I did the dishes and really wanted to put to use the baskets I bought for organizing the kitchen. I used these same type of baskets in the T.V room.

I have to say too that I bought 9 wicker baskets like this for $45. It would have cost me $90 but I got them all for 50% off at Michael's. Usually I would be really hesitant to spend the money, but I was dreaming of organization!

So these are the plastic bins that came out of the kitchen that were replaced by cute wicker baskets with liners. I used six wicker baskets to replace these things. It's so much more efficient!

This is the book shelf in the T.V room. I want to line the glass doors with paper but this will do until then. I just cleaned off the top and straightened the books inside a little. I didn't put too much into this one.

I did however put a lot of work into this shelving unit. This was the clutter spot for soo many items. Tools, papers, bills, letters, phone books, sketch books, pens, tape, tape gun etc. When I cleaned this room out, I left with an overflowing trash bag full of stuff!

I moved this table out of the T.V room and into the living room. The goal is to use it as a place to set my purse, Jere's keys, mail etc. It's all been going on the end of the dining room table recently and it just makes everything so cluttered.

Here is my new fresh white trim with the blinds back in place. That was another thing I got done over the weekend. I put the blinds back up after having them down for over a week!

The new windows with the whole ensemble.

I wanted to put a picture of this wreath into this post because 1) it was a birthday present from my sister and 2) it's the only splash of real color in the living/dining room and I love it. It's right by the front door. The picture frame that I move to the bathroom used to hang there.

This is one of the stools that goes to the table being re-purposed for decoration. I think it's okay but am not totally sure if it looks a little off. It's right by the kitchen door as you walk into it.

This is the new pillow case that I made for a set of 2x2 square pillows that I bought in the spring. I found this brown shiny fabric at Joann's on clearance and knew it would go perfectly. My curtains are the same shiny fabric (taffeta? satin?) I am not sure what the fabric is but I loved it. I never liked the original color of the pillows because it was peachy. Now I am trying to figure out how to get more color into my house because everything is brown! :0) Oh the problems I have to solve....

I cannot describe the feeling I get after knowing that I have some organization happening in my house. It's a feeling of euphoria. I am sure you know what I'm talking about though. It's a comfortable feeling and I like to be comfy. What projects have you done lately?? Gotten out the winter clothes? Cleaned up the bathroom closet? Organized the shoe bin? All of these of things count!


lanes said...

I want to be organized like you!! My room is probably the cleanest in the whole basement, but I STILL have yet to unpack from moving back home... from June!! It's crazy. I think that will be one of my projects over Break. I love your black wicker baskets-- they're an attractive way to organize!

Rachel said...

Everything looks so good! I'm with you - organization is a wonderful feeling.

And I think the colors in your house are really nice - it doesn't seem all brown to me. You have blue, gold, black, and a touch of red... honestly, it's beautiful! You have done a wonderful job.

Marcie said...

All I have to say is WOW! Everything looks awesome! You have a gift of design and organization that I wish I had even a little of. You do inspire me to do something about my house :)

Annemarie said...

I love those curtains. I know how it feels to get the organization done, it feels so great!