Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Any Ideas???

I want a new hair style. I am thinking I'll go shorter, but not too short. I am thinking short as in below my shoulders still? I really don't know what I want but I haven't had a haircut since July 29th (four months so you don't have to do the quick math) and I am feeling a rough around the edges. I have an appointment with my stylist on November 19th.

What I don't want:
Bangs (long are okay)
Too many layers to make my hair look flock of seagulls-ish when straight
Short layers around my face that have a pixie look

What I want:
To wear it curly, easily
Shorter Length
Easier to work with

I really like this lady's hair, probably mainly because of the volume and waviness. Maybe when I wash my hair tonight, I should try doing something with it to see what it's capable of in it's long state. It's become tangly, rough in texture (dry) and no matter how much conditioner I use it's not soft. Driving me crazy!

Here are some pictures of previous hairstyles I have had. I look back and think I don't want to do short again...I don't like the way my hair is in this first photo. It looks better short when it has gel or a little wavy.

This was a disaster haircut from some place like supercuts...I could have given myself this haircut.I like this hair okay. It's just fairly normal.
It's obvious to me that I still did not know what I was doing with curly hair at this point. Note the kind of frizzy loose wavies. I discovered that I had curly hair at the ripe old age of 18. It's not crazy crazy but it can be curly. It can also be straight fairly easily - easier if I wash it, wear it and flat iron later than immediately after blow drying (otherwise really poofy, frizzy) I found a picture in my cleaning the other day that proves that my hair can be curly, really curly. I just need a cut and the know how to make it look right! I'll probably never fully understand what I'm doing with it but all I know is that I'm ready for something a little different. Below is a more recent photo (this year). I just don't know...Any ideas for me? Seen any cute hairstyles lately that you would like to share with me??? Pllleeease!


Rachel said...

I loved your hair in that last photo - what kind of product were you using there? I think that could make all the difference, what you put in your hair, you know? Have you talked to a stylist about it?

Reagan said...

Well Jessie just gave me that Tresemme stuff we talked about so I think I'm going to try it in the morning :) Maybe it'll help me feel not so blah!

lanes said...

You're so beautiful!

I just got mine cut, because I was getting very tired with mine-- and I added more layers and it really does add a huge difference, just gives the hair more bounce and energy.

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

it took me a while to figure out how to work w my curls too. and mine's really thin, so i can't use much product or it's super crunchy. one trick i have learned is to keep as much water on it as possible when you get out of the shower. it seems to help keep them softer and more moist. i also read you can dry your curls w a paper towel instead of a regular towel because they don't take out as much water.. i tried it a few times and it works! just a suggestion. :) show us a picture of your new haircut when you get it done, ok?

Reagan said...

Thanks Kristi! I'll have to try that paper towel trick. I will deffinately post a picture of my new hair :) I get it cut/trimmed in 5 days!