Friday, November 14, 2008

Link Love

"Escala Girls". These girls are amazing. I just love their music. They were discovered on "Britain's Got Talent".

I am enthralled with these tiny houses. I may be crazy, but I would love to live in one.

Hanging curtains across any space. Where would you do something like this in your house?

Bedroom escapes. I think this would be awesome to do in a bedroom! One tiny room for sleeping, one room the same size for dressing. I've always liked being enclosed in my bed though...

Floating your bed in your bedroom. Not very efficient, but it looks nice...I've thought it would be cool to do this and then make a seating area behind the headboard.

This high shelf really makes the space. What an awesome idea.

Here's a way to contribute to breast cancer patients without moving from your computer!

Curtain rod headboard. So creative and simple!


lanes said...

There was this little town in Maine we visited where this was a whole colony of tiny tiny houses! It was adorable... I'll see if I can dig up some photos of them for you.