Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 2008 Summary

We attended my work Christmas party in KC and stayed in a hotel.

Volleyball ended.

Jere and I went to the Price's Christmas party for the first time and stayed with the Morgan's overnight!

Jere went to a KU B-Ball game at the Sprint center (they lost by 1 point) and I hung out with Rachel and Colter on the plaza.

Jere completed his first semester taking 18 hours and working full time. I was so proud of the results. Surprising to me, he's ready to get back to school and get this done!

I helped throw a wedding shower for Melodi.

I danced in the Nutcracker and stayed at TPAC till 11pm every night that week.

The Chapel had it's annual Christmas play with all the kids telling the story of the birth of Christ.

We got together with my family on Christmas Eve to open gifts. Everyone was able to be there! It was so much fun. Later that night Jere and I tried to go look at Christmas lights with our friends Ben & Kristi but most lights were already off at 12:30am.

For Christmas, Jere and slept until about noon (waking up to eat cinnamon rolls from the Bloom family around 10am then going back to sleep!) and then went to my uncle's house in KC. Later that night our friends Austin & Amanda came over with their little Wyatt and played cards till around 10pm! It was a blast.

I helped organize my brother's wedding and stressed over flowers, hair and other details... Thankfully it went great.

My brother, Jodie married his fiance Melodi on December 27th.

We spent time at Scott & Lynn's hanging out with the Canadians.

I chopped my hair off. (I am looking into the future at my 4pm haircut)

Tonight we'll be at Brian & Rachelle's bringing in the new year with friends from the chapel. I'm so looking forward to it!

Here's to a new open schedule and a new year with many changes!!!


lanes said...

Post pictures of your new 'do! I want to see it!