Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Party

This is the best shot of us from my work Christmas party this past weekend. We had a great time being together all dressed up and fancy. We stayed in a hotel and that morning we slept in really really late...After getting up around 2pm, we went to lunch and headed to KC :) We stayed in the Hotel Philips which was 1.5 blocks from the hotel where the Christmas party was being held. We had a great time and I love this picture of us together!


Jessie said...

You guys look very nice. It is nice to dress up all fancy sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful! Is that the suit Jere wore to his last final??? And did you get a new nose ring or is this the first time you've had your nose pierced (sorry, I can't remember)?


Reagan said...

Well I didn't get a new nose ring. It's the original one that I've had since I told you about it :) And yes that is the suit Jere wore to his final...Although he wore a black tie