Tuesday, December 9, 2008

IIIIT's Snowing, it's snowing it's snowing snowing snowing

Last night I was skeptical that it would snow today. Jere texted me and told me it was flurrying outside but I was thinking "egh what's the big deal? I'll just be nonchalant about it." Then as I was getting ready for lunch I walked into the cafeteria area and low and behold it was the most magical sight for sore eyes. My love has returned. Perfect little snow flakes falling to the ground.
I got closer and closer to see if it was really true. See that blindingly bright area over there? That's snow on the other side of that window.
AAhhhh look how pristine. Clean fallen snow on the tables.


P.S. This is what happens when I button the wrong buttons in in the wrong button holes. The result is that I walk around looking like a homeless person with a cashmere scarf. Wait. I think my scarf is cashmere...All I know is that it's really soft and I button the wrong buttons A LOT.


lanes said...

Haha! I button the wrong buttons on my coat as well. You're not alone.

The first snow is always really exciting!