Thursday, December 11, 2008


"We value your business. Please stay on the line and we'll get back to you as soon as we can."

-Sam's online customer service. Just wondering how they can get back to me when they were never there in the first place??

"Agh thats crazy it makes me think that I just sent three messages because we all have the same picture" - Jamie commenting on how his siblings all had the same picture.

This morning Jere said "I'm going to wear a suit to work and my final tonight." I asked "Why?" "Because it's my last final and I wanna mess with my teacher." So I responded "OOOOooo you're going all out with the BLACK tie!"
"Give me your keys or I will kiiell you." -Jere trying to lock the house up.

Hahahahaha hoohhohoho I realized that I am not good at quoting people. I like to remember what they've said but when it comes time to do it I just suck. I might not do this anymore.


lanes said...

No, keep doing it! Quotes are one of my favorite things in life-- so fun, I try to just write them down as soon as someone speaks of hilarity!