Friday, December 12, 2008

Link Love

JayWalking on the Jay Leno Show

I really have a hard time believing that these answers weren't scripted...Seriously!

I was going to post the links to these videos but decided this was easier.

I have just one more link...I read ealier this week that this man's whole family died when a jet crashed into his house. He reacted so gracefully towards the pilot and was obviously devastated but it made me wonder "Would I act this way and not blame the pilot??? I mean most people need to blame SOMEONE." This man knew his family was in heaven and that's what was comforting him. What a wonderful example to show the world.


Lynn said...

OH man! This is hilarious - and it's unbelievable too! Can you believe some people?

We read about that guy also - I can't imagine being in his shoes. It's so sad. He had a great testimony though. God gives grace!