Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tree 08'

This past week our tree was only half lit because a whole strand wasn't working. (I thought it was only half a strand until I checked it out) ....Turns out after I figdeted with it, that plug just needed to be jangled. And that's what I get for procrastinating for several days and wondering how I was going to fix it...We don't have a tree topper because I ended up not liking the one that I bought after Christmas last year.

I am thinking I need to be a smart shopper and get out to buy a few new things after Christmas this year to spruce up my stock. I love Christmas decorating.

Oh and I am not going to moan and groan about how Jere and I love fireplaces and it's sad that we don't have one to decorate this year. I loved our town house fireplace. I think they just make places feel more cozy but we're doing good here and it'll just be on the list for the next house we buy :0)


Melodi said...

is the shotgun shell still on the tree?!?

bandanachick said...

Looks beautiful!

Reagan said...

Thanks girls. And yes, the shotgun shell is still in the tree :)