Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Well today is Christmas and Jere, Jodie (my brother) and I opened presents this morning. On Saturday the three of us went shopping for each other so ever since, we have been trying to guess what we got each other...Anyways Jere gave me a hooded sweater, Gamecube game "Monkeyball" and a scarf. Jodie gave me a pair of really soft gloves. It was kind of funny because I gave Jere the same game that he gave me - so we're going to return one :)

We hung out around the house and then drove out to my uncle's house where most all of my relatives on my dad's side showed up for a while. We were there for about two hours and then came back home to play the new game we have.

Yesterday (Christmas Eve) Jere and I went to my mom's house where she had a little get together. It was nice, but Jere and I agree that we want to have a place that we can accomodate everyone - his family, my family, and random relatives for all the holidays. This would be mainly so that we wouldn't have to make the rounds, which can be stressful. Most times the focus is pointed so much at trying to see everyone and get together, working out schedules and everything that we forget what we're actually celebrating - the birth of Christ Jesus!

On another note, I got four A's this semester and one B+. I am waiting on one other grade which I know will be an A once I turn in a signature from my boss for my internship. I am so excited because I really didn't do much of anything this semester, did really well and in the past I have tried so hard and not done as well as I wanted to.

So tonight we're just hanging out doing nothing and then it's back to work tommorow for Jere and I. Yeah! I hope that everyone had a great Christmas Holiday!


george.victor said...

Glad to see your blog! Merry Christmas on you!