Monday, December 25, 2006

Discovering Man Secrets

Jodie "I can be in bed by 9pm if I go running right now."
Reagan "Why are you always tired?"
Jodie "It takes a lot of energy to be this manly"

Now I know why Jere is tired all of the time!


dave & rachel said...

That was hilarious! I can see Jodie saying that.

I'm excited that you are going to blog...I think you'll enjoy it! I can't wait to hear more about your good deals. :)

Rachel said...

Since Dave and Rachel already commented, I suppose I don't need to clarify who I am!

There is a great bargain site I know of that my friend Kasey runs. It's She's got some great stuff up there right now.

Also, Brent is extremely tired...all the time. Which explains his obsession with energy drinks. Maybe Jodie, Jere and Brent need to have a competition to see who is the manliest.