Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Burj Dubai

The next "Tallest Skyscraper" is under construction in Dubai, UAE. The Burj Dubai will be at least 705 meters tall and could even be up to 950 meters tall. It will take around 800 million dollars to build with staff pouring in from every known country. (source:

This is a very beautiful building. With every muscle, it stretches towards the stars. These pictures inspire my imagination and show a glimpse to how the designing of this building went. It must have taken an amazing amount of time and energy to design it. Chicago based architect firm, SOM, is designing the beast ( With a scheduled opening date of December 30, 2008 they are building very quickly (about seven days a floor).

I found this building intriguing and thought that some of you would as well.

More Links for the curious: - wikipedia - main website


Scott and Lynn said...

Wow! That is really sweet. Wouldn't it be cool to go see it! I wonder if you could go all the way to the top!